What does PR mean to me?

There are many blogs on what we mean by the term Public Relations, so I decided to be a bit different and give my opinion on what it is and why I have decided this for a career.

The CIPR’s definition states that PR ‘is the discipline which looks after the reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour.’ This is just part of the definition but my overall opinion is that PR is positive.

When I tell people what I am studying most ask me what Public Relations is. I normally answer with a version of CIPR’s definition and a little of what I have learnt.

In my opinion PR is taking a brand and making sure that what is in the public eye is honest but good, and when the reputation takes a hit PR helps recover it.


But I haven’t really answered the question of what it means to me. PR for me is a career which I plan on enjoying and I get use my creative thinking as well as practical skills. It also allows me to work in an industry I like, motorsport.

If you are a fellow PR student or a PR pro comment below with what PR is to you.



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