The Opener

I’m not quiet with my feelings towards the man that came out on top for the opening weekend. But with Vettel back on winning form should make for an interesting season.

Following on from bad times in testing McLaren had a poor start to the F1 season. With Vandoorne coming last and Alonso retiring, which begs the questions how long till Alonso wants out? It’s clear to see his frustrations with the car. If I were McLaren, I’d be wondering what my next move is and if there is any hope for the rest of the season.  

The Pink Force, it’s hard to miss this on the track. Force India donning there new chosen colour which is softer than the chosen driving style of Sergio Perez. We all know that he is no strange to a risky overtake and I hope for nothing less this seasons. I hope to more from what I’m nicknaming ‘The Pink Force’.

The heartbreaker of the weekend goes to Daniel Riccardo. After starting 2 laps behind everyone, his race then finished early. Definitely not the outcome he would have hoped for his home grand prix. But I have no worries that he will be back up fighting for the podium places.

Will Ferrari be top dog this year or will we see a three-way battle between Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. No matter what, I think we will see some epic battles this season. 

What are your hopes for the season and opinions of Australian Grand Prix?



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