My Top 3 Influential Women in Sport.

There are many influential women within this world, and I have way too many to fit into 1 little blog. So, I narrowed it down to my top 3 within Sport.

Claire Williams

One of my many female role models, Claire Williams Deputy Team Principal for Williams F1 team. Her career path is one I aspire to have. From her role as Press Officer for Silverstone to Director of Marketing and Communications at Williams. In last year’s Birthday honours list she got OBE for her services to formula one racing and she is Vice President of the spinal injuries association.  She is a strong woman within a world that is dominated by men a true inspiration.

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Ex-Athlete, Jessica Ennis-Hill is one of Britain’s best sportsperson. Not only is she a World and European champion but she works to motivate people to be more active whilst raising money for various charities.  Vitality Move uses music to motivate runners and walkers during their different runs including 10k and 5k. People who sign up for the run can decide what music gets played whilst completing them.  The fact that even after her career in the athletics finished she continues to help others whether it’s through helping them be more activities or those who get help from the money raised for the charities.

Suzie Wolff

Suzie Wolff is a brilliant role model for any young women especially for those who want a career in motor racing. She recently retired from her role as test driver for Williams F1. However last year she started her initiative Dare to be Different which works with the motor sports association to help drive female talent and kick start their futures.


Let me know who your influential women in sport or just in general are.



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