3 Things I Have Learnt whilst studying Public Relations.

Since beginning my degree in PR at Solent in 2015 I have learnt so much about the PR sector, more than I could squeeze into one post, so I thought I’d list the top three things I have found out so far.


  1. You write all the time.

Before I started I was aware that writing was involved but I under estimated one, how much you need to write for PR and two, how important it is to write in PR. From day one we were encouraged to blog whether it be about PR or not, because it has become a major factor within the industry and it helps with improving your writing skills.



2. Social Media is key

Before I began on my PR journey social media wasn’t overly important to me, I did check my Facebook but I’d barely interact on there. Now I’m on Twitter more often than Facebook, I’m tweeting and retweeting about all thing PR and sports related. I have learnt that interaction on social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn is very important to show potential employers that I have not only an interest in their sector but I’m displaying my opinions.



3. The importance of a phone call

When I was told in my first year about phoning potential work placements for the summer, I can honestly say I found the idea daunting. But I plucked up the courage and rang up an PR agency for my summer work experience and quickly found out it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought.  I found that it a more personal way of contacting people instead of an email, and plus it helps with your future in PR.




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